Once again, in one of my weekly spaces dedicated to in-depth newsletters reading, I can only appreciate the collection of interesting things here!

In this issue, my attention was sincerely focused on Neuralink's PRIME study Progress Update. The study - and this is an important thing not only from a technological and medical point of view, but also from a technology adoption and marketing point of view - focuses on the user experience. The report illustrates some users perceptions, like this: 'The biggest thing with comfort is that I can lie in my bed and use [the Link]. Any other assistive technology had to have someone else help or have me sit up. Sitting causes stress mentally and on my body which would give me pressure sores or spasms. It lets me live on my own time, not needing to have someone adjust me, etc. throughout the day'. Regardless of opinions on the subject, it is definitely something to read. Thanks again for Conrad for giving me the opportunity not to miss it!

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I'm glad you have enjoyed it!

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