Sitemap - 2019 - Humanity Redefined

Issue #238 - how "ethical AI" was created; self-driving DeLorean learns to drift; how to live forever; and more!

Issue #237 - reaching escape velocity in longevity; AI Index Report 2019; how robots can become blacksmiths; and more!

Issue #236 - human vs AI in drone racing; the future of nanotechnology; NVIDIA makes 3D birds from 2D images; and more!

H+ Weekly - Issue #235

Issue #234 - the Olympic games for cyborgs; Boston Dynamics' Spot joins the police; the next software revolution is bio; and more!

Issue #233 - designer babies and CRISPR's unwanted anniversary; how can AI aliens look like; goodbye, Cortana; and more!

Issue #232 - meet the transhumanists; AlphaStar vs a Grand Master player; robots enjoying autumn leaves; the first Gattaca-like baby tests are here

Issue #231 - Amazon opens new robotics research centre; OpenAI fully releases their powerful text generator; the cost of CRISPR; and more!

Issue #230 - AlphaStar gets better at StarCraft II than 99.8% of players; AI learns to smell; is CRISPR the next antibiotic; how to fool military AI

Issue #229 - is another CRISPR-Baby of the way; the controversy around OpenAI's Rubik's Cube solving robot; a new powerful gene-editing tool

Issue #228 - OpenAI's robot solves Rubick's Cube one-handed; why AI thinks like a corporation; robots in space and in Walmart; and more!

Issue #227 - BBC talks about transhumanism; paralysed man walks using mind-controlled exoskeleton; US bans Chinese AI companies; and more!

Issue #226 - one biohacker's journey towards immortality; on AI community in Africa; Pope Francis warns about the wrong usage of AI

Issue #225 - you can order now Spot Mini; Atlas does parkour; is telepathy scientifically possible; "perfectly real" deepfakes are just months away

H+ Weekly - Issue #224

Issue #223 - the tech to make people live forever; how to make robots not lost in underground tunnels; truck drivers to ban autonomous trucks

Issue #222 - biohackers implanted a tiny computer in the leg; Paperclip Maximizer explained; a conversation between Elon Musk and Jack Ma; and more!

Issue #221 - DARPA sends robots underground; nanoparticles will give you night vision; why AI needs a body; Chinese firm clones a cat; and more!

Issue #220 - DeepMind's co-founder placed on leave; China's plan to become CRISPR superpower; OpenAI releases more details on GPT-2; and more!

Issue #219 - crafty robots; AI looks for cancer; UPS uses driverless trucks; Chinese police robots; and more

Issue #218 - China's AI ed-tech companies; DIY exoskeleton and prosthetic Nerf gun; what is anti-CRISPR; a robotic tail for humans; and more!

Issue #217 - a closer look at mind uploading; will AI kill us; can AI be recognised as inventor; the dawn of designer proteins; and more!

Issue #216 - Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI; should robots look like humans; why an AI race between US and China is a bad idea; and more

Issue #215 - Elon Musk presents Neuralink; turning son into a cyborg; how synbio could wipe out humanity and how to stop it; and more!

Issue #214 - plans for more CRISPR-modified babies; AlphaStar is getting unleashed to play StarCraft 2 against humans; AI vs humans in poker - 1:0

Issue #213 - an introduction into biohacking; Waymo gets a green light in California; coming out as a transhuman; and more!

Issue #212 - biohackers trying to upgrade human body; why tech companies are snatching neuroscientists studying animal brains; Jibo's ongoing death

Issue #211 - how deepfakes can be used in espionage; Boston Dynamics-like robot takes revenge in a fan film; why robotics needs Amazon

Issue #210 - DJI shows a battle robot; bionic showgirl shakes up cabaret; AI picks names for cats; and more!

Issue #209 - DeepMind has beaten humans in Quake III; Amazon reveals the new delivery drone; why we should play god; and more!

Issue #208 - an open source robodog; AGI has been delayed; self-driving delivery trucks and delivery robots; the race to build life from scratch

Issue #207 - celebrity biohacker is under investigation; a four-legged robot pulls an aeroplane; AI fakes Joe Rogen voice; and more!

Issue #206 - San Francisco bans facial recognition; Amazon get one step closer to fully automated warehouse; and more

Issue #205 - a discussion about longevity; an AI that makes puns; looking into monkey's brain with AI; would cyborgs make better astronauts; and more!

Issue #204 - How to become invisible to AI; Anki is shutting down; drone delivers an organ for a transplant in the US

Issue #203 - how to live longer; OpenAI crushes humans in Dota 2; the challenges of robotic farmers; why extended intelligence is the future

Issue #202 - OpenAI beats pro gamers on a livestream; Boston Dynamics drops new video; AI invented a new sport; why futurism needs to get real

Issue #201 - Google's AI ethics board is falling apart; Boston Dynamics is going into warehouses; modified monkeys with extra intelligence points

Issue #200 - Finnish inmates train AIs; how AI is enhancing art; longevity as the biggest investment opportunity of all time

Issue #199 - Boston Dynamics shows a new robot; how can we grow organs in the lab; trying to understand AI using psychology; and more

Issue #198 - the story of DeepMind and its relationship with Google; our emotional relationship with robots; CRISPR-edited food comes to our plates

Issue #197 - OpenAI shifts from nonprofit to ‘capped-profit’ to attract capital; someone at Valve is working on brain-computer interfaces; and more

Issue #196 - the story of blood transfusing startup promising to stop ageing; one robot learned how to do backflips while another conquered the stairs

Issue #195 - Boeing and Kalashnikov are showing military drones; the problem with China's CRISPR experiment; and more

Issue #194 - OpenAI made a text generator so good it's considered too dangerous to release; the first female AI new anchor debuts in China

Issue #193 - US launches American AI Initiative; a guy builds himself a arm from Legos; Google and Microsoft warn about AI doing stupid things

Issue #192 - people seem not to be scared by robots that much; a robot learns about itself; China's use of AI worries the "godfather" of deep learning

Issue #191 - a man that plans to live to 180; how Rwanda's delivery drone works; genetically modified eggs with the anti-cancer drug

Issue #190 - DeepMind's AI beats pro StarCraft II players; Amazon rolls out delivery robots; a drone shut down Newark Airport

Issue #189 - a new method to understand AIs; a couple of robots that learned new tricks; the first human-pig hybrid has been created

Issue #188 - UK vs drones; could we ever we eat sunlight; World Bank says fears of a robot takeover are "unfounded"; Hyundai's walking car

Issue #187 - a cafe in Tokyo staffed with robot-waiters controlled by paralysed people; ethics of genetic engineering; and more!