Sitemap - 2023 - Humanity Redefined

The New York Times sues OpenAI and Microsoft - Weekly News Roundup - Issue #447

Small language models are coming - Weekly News Roundup - Issue #446

EU AI Act moves closer to becoming law - Weekly Roundup - Issue #445

What AlphaCode 2 and Q* tell us about the next breakthrough in AI

Google releases Gemini. Is it better than GPT-4? - Weekly Roundup - Issue #444

How robots are building Amazon's future

The epilogue to the OpenAI drama - Weekly Roundup - Issue #443

Meet six real-life giant mech robots

What is Q*, the AI model that broke OpenAI?

Did an AI breakthrough cause the schism at OpenAI? - Weekly Roundup - Issue #442

Microsoft wins the schism at OpenAI

What Microsoft announced at Ignite 2023 - Weekly Roundup - Issue #441

What Do Military Researchers Think About Human Augmentation Technologies

What was announced at OpenAI Dev Day - Weekly Roundup - Issue #440

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Digital Immortality: An Afterlife in Digital Clouds

Shaping the Future of AI: Who Will Be Granted the Keys to Innovation?

Generative AI on Trial for Copyright Infringement - Weekly Roundup - Issue #439

US Expands AI Chip Export Ban - Weekly Roundup - Issue #438

The Rise of Military AI and the Military-Tech Complex

What is missing from The Techno-Optimist Manifesto

Ahead of AI Safety Summit - Weekly Roundup - Issue #437

Mind over machine? The psychological barriers to working effectively with AI

Introducing Humanity Redefined

Is AI going to get a reality check? - H+ Weekly - Issue #436

mRNA Vaccine Wins Nobel Prize - H+ Weekly - Issue #435

OpenAI steps up the game with GPT-4V - H+ Weekly - Issue #434

Multimodal chatbots are coming - H+ Weekly - Issue #433

Tech billionaires talk to US Senate about AI - H+ Weekly - Issue #432

Supercomputers for AI - H+ Weekly - Issue #431

This is your captain, AI, speaking - How Automation Is Reshaping Aviation

The Quest to Detect AI-Generated Content- H+ Weekly - Issue #430

Ten Companies Leading the Upcoming Humanoid Robot Wave

NVIDIA Rides the Generative AI Wave High - H+ Weekly - Issue #429

Democratizing Innovation: AI's Role in Breaking Barriers for Young Entrepreneurs in Biotechnology

The Copyright Controversies of AI Continue - H+ Weekly - Issue #428

How to build a web without a silk gland

The Great GPU Shortage (again) - H+ Weekly - Issue #427

Whispers of Gemini and GPT-5 - H+ Weekly - Issue #426

Top US AI companies commit at White House to AI safety - H+ Weekly - Issue #425

Biobots: The Living Machines

Hollywood strikes and AI - H+ Weekly - Issue #424

"Together, we can achieve great things", say robots at UN conference - H+ Weekly - Issue #423

In-Memory Computing and Analog Chips for AI

OpenAI prepares for superintelligence - H+ Weekly - Issue #422

AI-Generated Drug Enters Phase II Clinical Trials - H+ Weekly - Issue #421

EU AI Act explained

US approves lab-grown meat for consumers - H+ Weekly - Issue #420

ChatGPT usage adoption - H+ Weekly - Issue #419

Six Real-life Cyborgs

Eight Years of H+ Weekly

AI-controlled "killer" drone and specification gaming - H+ Weekly - Issue #418

Cryonics, or wake me up when I can live forever

How AI elevated Nvidia to $1T club - H+ Weekly - Issue #417

Humanoid robots: Machines built in our image

Microsoft brings AI to Windows - H+ Weekly - Issue #416

What Sam Altman said at the Senate hearing - H+ Weekly - Issue #415

Google Strikes Back - H+ Weekly - Issue #414

Generative AI - The State of the Game

A Look at Different Countries' Approaches to AI Regulations - H+ Weekly - Issue #413

AutoGPT - The Next Big Thing in AI

The Copyright Controversies of AI - H+ Weekly - Issue #412

What's Next for H+ Weekly

The responses to pause AI research - H+ Weekly - Issue #411

Deepfakes: Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted

Bringing back the dead with AI - H+ Weekly - Issue #410

Virtual humans - H+ Weekly - Issue #409

The Starship Startups - H+ Weekly - Issue #408

GPT-4 without the hype - H+ Weekly - Issue #407

Who wants to live forever? - H+ Weekly - Issue #406

H+ Weekly - Issue #405

DeepMind and OpenAI - The Story of Two AI Labs - H+ Weekly - Issue #404

De-exctintion - H+ Weekly - Issue #403

H+ Weekly - Issue #402

AI Chatbot War has begun - H+ Weekly - Issue #401

H+ Weekly - Issue #400

H+ Weekly - Issue #399

H+ Weekly - Issue #398

H+ Weekly - Issue #397

H+ Weekly - Issue #396