Sitemap - 2018 - Humanity Redefined

Issue #186 - the aftermath of drone sightings at Gatwick Airport; can we gain new senses; training AI in Minecraft; on building trustworthy AI

Issue #185 - rogue drones shut down an airport in the UK; predictions for 2050; the possibilities of man-made DNA; designing the third thumb

Issue #184 - people don't like Waymo's cars; designer bugs; AlphaZero asserts its dominance in playing games

Issue #183 - meet the biohackers; CRISPR babies follow-ups; DeepMind's AI folds proteins; Waymo launches taxi services in Arizona; a cyborg plant

Issue #182 - designer babies are here; how to make a robotic centaur from SpotMini; hacking the world with digital biology

Issue #181 - Mark Hamill's message for kids with limb differences; one of the fathers of AI is worried about its future; designer babies

Issue #180 - AI news anchor makes a debut; news about killer robots; alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips

Issue #179 - an update on AI Winter; why we have an emotional connection to robots; an AI modelled after a worm's brain parks a robotic car

Issue #178 - the science of ageing; AI generated portrait sold for $432,500; designer babies are already here

Issue #177 - how Sweden is becoming a nation of cyborgs; DeepMind imagines animals; xenobiology; an interview with veteran data scientist

Issue #176 - Spot inspects a building and then dances; Pepper the robot speak in UK Parliament; biologists grew a human retina in a dish

Issue #175 - Boston Dynamics' Atlas does parkour; connecting human brains to play Tetris; can an AI be a person under the law;

Issue #174 - Rethink Robotics shuts down; a robot installs a drywall; new robotics challenge from DARPA; cyborgs fighting for their rights through art

Issue #173 - a cyborg artist; extreme biohacking; an Boston Dynamics sell their robots; why AIs have a problem with the real world

Issue #172 - Dalai Lama meets bionic girl; the case for radically enhancing humanity; do we really need BCIs?; how China aims to dominate robotics

Issue #171 - The case for engineering ethical humans; brain-computer interfaces; DARPA invests $2B in AI; humans to drone race against AI;

Issue #170 - Apple's self-driving car had an accident; no consensus on killer robots; how we will benefit from sequences our genes

Issue #169 - Gartner's Hype Cycle 2018; OpenAI reflects on DotA 2 championships; exoskeletons are going mainstream; the security problem in robotics;

Issue #168 - OpenAI faces the best players in Dota 2 championships; a drone saves swimmers in Spain; Kalashnikov showcases a mech robot;

Issue #167 - cloning dogs; rejuvenation is an industry now; how will the jobs of the future look like; DeepMind gets good at detecting eye diseases

Issue #166 - OpenAI beats DotA; drone attack in Venezuela; Anki's new robot; exoskeletons at Ford factories; robots can manipulate our emotions

Issue #165 - mind-controlled third arm; cutting through AutoML hype; how Japanese see robots; dexterous robotic hands; and more!

Issue #164 - DARPA wants AI to explain itself; Boston Dynamics prepares for mass production of robo-dogs; mini-heart in a jar; and more!

Issue #163 - the debate on the future of human enhancement; the ethics of AI in warfare; tech leaders pledge not to build killer robots; and more!

Issue #162 - adding more senses to human body; MIT's robot Cheetah learned new tricks; a neural network coded using DNA; exoskeletons; and more!

Issue #161 - Disney's acrobatic robots; DeepMind's AI learned teamwork by playing Quake III Arena; teaching robots to hug

Issue #160 - OpenAI bots play Dota 2; AI is as good as doctors; a documentary about bionics; end of the line for ASIMO; and more!

Issue #159 - How Hugh Herr plans to connect robots to humans; biohacker won a legal battle to remain a cyborg; and more!

Issue #158 - a Bitcoin millionaire builds a working Dr Octopus suit; can a robot be divine; AI sees through walls and predicts World Cup winner

Issue #157 - Google to end partnerships with Pentagon and releases its AI principles; Norman, the psychopathic AI; and more

Issue #156 - Report into Uber's fatal crash is out; exoskeleton for the elderly; Microsoft wants to fight AI bias with AI; clean meat updates

Issue #155 - The life of Aaron Traywick; Uber ends self-driving car program in Arizona; Microsoft's AI can also make phone calls;

Issue #154 - Spot Mini will be available next year; growing an ear on forearm; safety in DIY biology movement; and more!

Issue #153 - Google AI makes phone calls for you; Boston Dynamics robot gets some fresh air; extending lifespan of dogs before humans;

Issue #152 - Why we should enhance humans; why we should not live forever; the biggest drone show in history; China is scanning workers' brains

Issue #151 - Amazon plans to release a home robot; Open Bionic releases a new prosthetic arm; real-life Transformer; and more!

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